May's months custom creations - Burning Man Designs

May's months custom creations

In May 2021 we had our first custom order, it was for a Grazing board and a serving board both in Tasmanian Oak

900 x 400mm Tasmanian Oak Meat Board

Our client wanted a meat board that had 3 sections on it so that they can have 3 different types of meat while being able to minimise cross contamination. So we added a 10mm juice grove around the edge of the board and then two to separate it into sections. Due to its size we added handles to make it easier to carry and present.


850 x 300mm Tasmanian Oak Cheese Board

The client wanted a long cheese and grazing board with a juice grove so that it can be used for a number of different parties.

850 x 300mm Tasmanian Oak Cheese Board


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